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About Us

Fun, healthy and inclusive football coaching

Formed in 2005, active soccer is now an established company operating throughout the UK. Our trained and qualified team of coaches specialises in providing Fun, Healthy and Inclusive opportunities for children in physical education and sport and leisure activities.

Mission statement

The active soccer mission statement is ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’. Everyone involved in the active coaching team understands the importance of providing a ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’ experience for children who attend active soccer sessions.

FUN – We believe children who enjoy themselves and have fun, will learn more and want to keep taking part.

HEALTHY – We recognise the importance of children leading active and healthy lifestyles.

INCLUSIVE – Our team is trained to make sure that everyone is involved and made to feel welcome at Active Soccer sessions.

Building Active Communities

Active Soccer's mission is to deliver Fun, Healthy and Inclusive activities and events throughout the UK.

Not only do we want to encourage young people and their families to live an active and healthy lifestyle but through the continuous growth of our franchise and coaching network our aim is to build more active communities.

By working within the community active soccer aims to:

  • increase participation in sport
  • develop the skills of young people
  • encourage parents and families to be active
  • provide structured work experience for young people in the community who are interested in a career in coaching
  • create employment opportunities for suitably qualified and motivated members of the community
  • provide support for communities by working with and promoting local businesses
  • support local charities

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