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Participant Pathway

A child's journey through Active Soccer.

Active Soccer provides a complete pathway of opportunities for children and young people of all abilities to take part in fun healthy and inclusive activities from the age of two through to the age of nineteen. Our pathway of opportunities to participate starting in Active Tots then Levels 1-5 will supports and adds value to the learning and development experiences provided for children as they progress through their Nursery, Primary and Secondary education.

There are clear links and opportunities to progress between the levels. In Active Tots our coaching team focus on the fundamentals of movement, in particular agility, balance and co-ordination. The emphasis in Levels 1-3 is on participation, enjoyment, learning and developing new skills as individuals and in small sided games.  Activities and coaching sessions are accessible all year round - during term time, at the weekends and in the school holidays.

Our exclusive Active Soccer Challenge enables children to practice and test their skills and gain Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards– see the link to the Active Soccer App for more information on how to get involved. Invitations to attend our Player Development Centres are sent to children who achieve the Silver Award standard.

In Levels 4 and 5, youngsters who are interested in a career in leadership and coaching can get involved in The Active Soccer Youth Awards.  The programme of awards which completes the Participant Pathway provides opportunities to gain experience and volunteer with Active Soccer in their local communities.

Progression through the pathway will enable young people to lead active and healthy lifestyles with the skills to enjoy taking part in sport during their adult life. They may also choose to make a positive contribution in their community by providing opportunities for others.

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