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I am a qualified Level 2 football coach and I began my football career playing with both Swansea City & Flint Town Academies. I am thrilled to have been appointed as the Regional Manager for Active Soccer Wirral since deciding to switch from a career in the Royal Air Force to pursue my passion for coaching football and sport.

One of the most important parts of my job as a coach is that the children I engage with have fun. I find it personally rewarding to see how effective coaching, can influence young people to become active with sport, especially through football, because you can use it in so many different ways. Children can learn much more than just football skills; respect for others, developing new relationships and important life skills.

Grassroots is a level where development for children is essential. We should encourage children to play from as young an age as possible. We are all role models and here at Active Soccer Wirral, children are educated about healthy lifestyles, exercise and nutrition, which they can then take into their adult life. The sessions that Active Soccer provide are pre planned and suitably designed for relevant age groups. In practice, players tend to understand what they are expected to do so they can make intelligent decisions and take greater responsibility for their own learning and development.

Allowing children to enhance their social and teamwork skills is just as important as them improving their ball skills, combining these areas with the physical activity of playing the game. It is important to focus on the enjoyment, rather than competition, particularly with children, where the pressure of winning and the disappointment of losing may take away the real reason they want to play, which is to have fun, ultimately engaging them within the sport for a longer time.

Active Soccer Wirral are committed to providing fun, healthy and inclusive opportunities for children in physical education, sport and leisure activities within all of the local communities. I will use my experience and knowledge to promote the game within my local area and community. I believe the best coaches are enthusiastic, positive and passionate to develop children of all abilities to enjoy themselves in a fun, friendly environment, regardless of current experience.

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