Fun, Healthy & Inclusive football coaching & sport for young people

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Active Tots

Understanding the importance of exercise from a young age.

A ten-week programme which will develop the balance, co-ordination, body strength, throwing, catching and striking skills of our youngest participants through fun games.

Colour, number and shape topics ensure that maximum learning and development is achieved.

Children are encouraged to repeat actions when learning new skills and also to recognise the changes that happen to their bodies when they exercise.

The coach to child ratio is high and parents are encouraged to interact with the active soccer coaches and children during sessions.

At the end of active tots children are ready to carry on their active learning on our active soccer Level 1 programme.

Key Features

  • Repeat actions
  • Number, colour and shape recognition
  • Inclusive

Key Benefits

  • Develops key fundamentals
  • Parent-child bonding
  • Physical exercise

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