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Girls’ Football

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Active Soccer Girls' Soccer is an UK initiative to increase the number of girls participating in football.

Girls Soccer offers the chance for girls to take part in a weekly coaching session. The courses are run over ten week blocks for one hour each week and are delivered with the aim of having fun and learning new techniques each week, whilst enjoying the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

The course is specifically designed for girls wanting to learn new and different football techniques in shooting, passing, turning, dribbling, heading and match play.

Each session will start with one of the Conti Warm up’s – official sponsors of the Women’s Super League and Active Soccer’s Girls' Centres.

During the course the girls will have the opportunity to take part in the Active Soccer Challenge and develop their skills and progress through the active Bronze, Silver and Gold award scheme.

We also aim to build confidence throughout the sessions and develop club links should there be an interest in wanting to join a local girls football team.

This club is available for active soccer Levels 2 and 3.

  • 7-11 years LEVEL 2 (Girls from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Primary School)
  • 11-14 years LEVEL 3 (Girls from Years 7, 8 and 9 in Secondary Schools)

A common problem in mixed extra curricular sessions are the lack of touches of the ball that girls get as the sessions develop past the warm up and skill based part of a coaching session. The girls only club will ensure maximum involvement, the opportunity to develop their skills and for them to benefit from every session.

Key Features

  • Continental warm-ups
  • Specific skill practices
  • Small-sided games
  • Progression
  • Girls only session

Key Benefits

  • Certificate of competence
  • Improvement
  • Active Soccer Challenge

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